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Family & Children

Family & Children


We regularly provide security to family, children & teenagers in varying situations. There are a range of situations to which we provide a discreetly managed support servcice to HNW family to safeguard, enhance the security and safety of family including children & teenagers of all ages.

Typical scenarios and situations to which we provide services to high profile, high net worth and children of celebrity include the provision of security to provide daily care whilst in residence, during travel to school and activities.

For high profile parents, our team work in a low profile fashion to support the objective of avoiding undesired press attention, reduce risk of potential kidnap and essentially provide discreet support and peace of mind for the children as well as family members.

In all circumstances we provide an experienced operative or team who discreetly work in an adaptive approach ensuring that they integrate as directed and required by the family or client, maintain a constant distance or provide an anonymous protective surveillance service where by family members maybe unaware of the security presence.

Whether working in a discreet covert or overt role, operatives are sensitive not to infringe children’s lifestyle – more akin to being in the company of a professional nanny but ensuring security levels are enhanced to required levels at all times.

We currently provide enhanced security to a number of children on full time and occasional basis Worldwide.

Younger children & teenagers visiting destinations may wish to visit popular sites, beaches, clubs and other venues & events without their parents. In these situations, we provide a professional VIP chaperone to accompany, drive, escort and guide around the local destination, safeguard valuables, ensure they get safely from A to B, don’t get stranded or left behind.

Our team are experienced at working with children, It is a sensitive role which we take considerable responsibility delivering a service that ensures children are free to be children / teenagers, but that parents can relax knowing that their children / teenagers are in very safe responsible hands.

We recognise that, as with all our contracts – profile matching of ‘operative to client’ is very important to our success. Whilst professional at all times, our operatives are fun, young & trendy – many have experience in extreme sports – mountain & beach – all enjoy music and work hard to ensure that they develop an appropriate professional relationship with the children.