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Residence Security

Residential Security

Residential security is an area that despite all the evidence to the contrary, continues to be either overlooked or only given minimal consideration. Understandably, people are always more relaxed and unaware when they are in the safety of their own homes. If however, even the simple precautions are not in place, then this perception of security can lead to disaster. Advancements and developments in criminal methodology only serve to highlight these lapses in basic security and is an area which Security Concierge Group work particularly hard at to impress upon our clients.

The objective assessments we conduct upon our client properties are structured to identify the specific threats and vulnerabilities necessary for the production of effective risk management strategies. Offering practical advice and recommendations for improvements, our consultants can also source required security equipment and manage the installation process to ensure all aspects of the security plan have been covered.

When the situation dictates, Security Concierge Group also provide residential security officers to facilitate the discrete protection of properties both within the UK and internationally. Our extensive experience operating in this field has given us a unique understanding and appreciation of the sensitivity involved in providing a service which, despite all the interesting words used to mask it, will always be classed as intrusive.

Whether perceived or actual, having family members or loved ones at risk within their own home is a deeply distressing experience which Security Concierge Group residential security officers can go a long way to alleviating. All our personnel are highly qualified and experienced close protection officers in their own right who are carefully selected for their qualities and suitability for the nature of this task. Highly personable and discrete, loyal and trustworthy, our officers are individuals with whom our clients entrust the safety of their loved ones and properties. Providing the utmost levels of unobtrusiveness and discretion in order to maintain as much of a semblance of normality is both expected and delivered.