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Intelligence Services – Surveillance & Investigation

SCG Intelligence Services

In a competitive environment where individuals and organisations understand the need for succinct and timely intelligence, we combine our considerable expertise with innovative methodology in order to acquire the intelligence necessary for the formulation of informed strategy. Consultancy and operational superiority in this specialised field are capabilities that Security Concierge Group have extensive experience and justified confidence in providing for our clients. Having operated at the highest levels on an international scale, our consultants consistently exceed expectations by producing remarkable results for both our corporate and private clients alike.



Taking strength in diversity to a new level, our surveillance teams combine their skill sets from such organisations as UK special forces, government security agencies and specialist police units into a flexible and adaptive approach that consistently outperforms client expectations. As with all our operations, the maintenance of confidentiality and ultimate discretion is paramount and great attention is given to that effect. Operating stringently at all times within the confines of the legal boundaries applicable to the country of operation, all SCG intelligence product is evidentially sound and suitable for progression through the legal system.

Counter surveillance

Defined as the actions performed by a third party to assess the presence of surveillance, being able to covertly detect and identify hostile intelligence gathering activities is a highly specialised capability that in our opinion is a vastly under used resource in security and risk management. When you consider that every form of attack begins with some form of surveillance, an experienced and effective counter surveillance team may well constitute the best chance of threat avoidance and, ultimately, survival. Having operated at the highest levels against hostile intelligence agencies on an international scale, our counter surveillance specialists are both subject matter experts and world leaders in this field.

Technical surveillance counter measures

More prevalent in use than most people might like to believe, the use of covert electronic equipment to gather intelligence is both widespread and highly effective. From simple covert recording devices to highly advanced laser acoustic monitoring systems, most equipment can be sourced through the Internet and deployed with relative ease by even those with no specialist training. With far reaching implications and potentially devastating consequences, the threat of electronic surveillance should never be down played or dismissed.

Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) is a highly specialised area within the field of technical investigation which aims to firstly ascertain the presence of electronic surveillance equipment and secondly, to mitigate the subsequent threats. Again, through our hard won experience gained from operating at the highest levels on behalf of the UK Military and Government security services, SCG provide an elite and highly discrete level of service that both protects and maintains information security on behalf of our clients.