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For UHNW individuals or groups requiring a high degree of care and attention, we offer our Special Projects Team who provide a dedicated VIP handling service; ensuring first class client care & precision hospitality planning. This is our most superior level of service, where we provide a specialist Lead Facilitator (Team Leader) to take dedicated personal care of VIP client and guests.


The Special Projects Team will provide meticulous attention to detail to each VIP request; task and arrangement, to ensure the specific requirements are respected and observed. Our expert Facilitator team utilizes their experience, capability, creativity and connections to manage all manner of client requests of any dimension or duration. Focus maybe on one specific situation or task, dedicated care of one designated VIP, an entire family or entourage or indeed an entire project, event or series of events.


We recommend our VIP Handling service for HNW, High-Profile visitors with guests, Royalty, Super Yacht Captains and owners, CEO, Celebrity, Athletes & simply anyone who may require a level of privacy protection, attention to detail, leadership and supervision of each 24-hour guest experience.


The Special Projects Team is enabled to provide expert practical guidance around the destination. Through research, detailed reconnaissance and advance planning, the travel facilitator team will know the destination extremely well as well as navigation of surrounding coastal and inland waters.


We are specialists in VIP hospitality management, food & beverage, transport logistics, organization of bespoke events, activity and luxury adventure experiences around destinations, mountains, Islands, on the surrounding water and also deep beneath the sea.


SCG provide a dedicated, first class service built upon integrity, total quality management, communications excellence and strong leadership. Please contact us to confidentially discuss your requirements.