Travel Facilitator Service - Security Concierge Group
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Travel Facilitator Service

Travel Facilitator Service


Our Travel Management division comprises of subject matter experts in private travel, adventure, VIP hospitality, security and safety, utilizing their own personal capabilities and established network, to facilitate extraordinary global travel experiences.


Our Travel Facilitator service provides private clients, their respective support staff and partner concierge, yacht or travel agency, with our distinguished Travel Facilitator expertise. We assign a Lead Facilitator supported by our wider Facilitator network to provide professional consultation and comprehensive leadership to research, plan, organise and coordinate periods of global travel for a broad range of occasions or purposes.


This dedicated level of service focuses on ensuring the finest available travel options are presented to the client during both the planning phases, and throughout their onwards travel experience. All critical elements are seamlessly harmonised to ensure the travel plan is executed with precision organisation and an unwavering focus on the client and guest experience.


Essentially our objective is for the client, family members, loved ones and their valued guests to experience the most and memorable travel experiences in unconditional comfort, safety and style, whilst we take proactive action to reduce and where possible eliminate risks, and create a calm environment, enjoyable and stress free travel environment.


There are multiple dimensions to this specialist service:


  • Travel Design
  • Research & Reconnaissance
  • Daily Organization, Itinerary & Activity
  • Daily Curation of the Travel Experience to ‘to a superior level’
  • Travel & Logistics, Practical Assistance
  • Group Leadership, Concierge & Guest Relations
  • Client Care & Entourage Management
  • Travel Risk Management (Safety, Security & Privacy)
  • Travel Design


Confirmation of mission objectives with all travel partners

We work closely with private clients, family office, concierge agents and private travel professionals, as well as alongside client representatives, to understand the specific requirements of each individual client. From this first moment we endeavor to ensure the travel experience far exceeds all expectations.


During this initial period of consulting, we clarify the current stage of planning to understand the objectives and how many persons and whom is currently involved in the travel planning, and establish the responsibilities and communications plan to ensure all involved work positively to design, develop and define the clients proposed travel plan through the various planning stages.


Travel Design

Through this dialogue we will develop a provisional understanding of the clients interests to mindfully consider all available options within each travel territory. We research local cultures, history and traditions, weather patterns, religious considerations, etiquettes, current fashion and trends, sites of natural beauty, nature, wildlife, hot spots, action, adventure, both on and off the beaten track, in the sky, far beneath the sea, to provide for as immersive, interactive and culturally authentic experiences as is desired. Integrating all research and developing elements, we strategize a provisional range of flexible itinerary and activity options for the travel period, in unison with developing cost projections and budget management.


This provisional travel plan will then be presented to the client for review as per their preference in real time updates, personal or video presentations, including options for the client to receive specialist briefing and intelligence reports from local partners, experts within the region, or planned activities, alongside a comprehensive travel plan. This planning cycle will continue with review and development, until approval and authorization is contracted to the next stage.


Research & Reconnaissance

Where time and budget permit, it is certainly advantageous and intelligent investment for a member(s) of the Travel Facilitator team to travel in advance to the region(s) of travel and carry out advance visits, assessments, planning meetings and local briefings within the chosen territory. This research in conjunction with a sophisticated itinerary will ensure an advanced level of coordination and development of associated organization and control measures.


Daily Organization, Itinerary, Activity

The Travel Facilitator is adaptive to each specific client group’s individual needs, and may operate as part of the travel group, fully immersed, partially immersed, ‘in the shadows’ or a chameleon combination, to provide required support, guidance and briefings, in the most suitable and desirable method, as per each group’s personal preferences.

From the initial planning to departure from the home destination, and onwards movements, The Facilitators Company objective is to place our client’s respective personal interests and entitlement at the forefront of absolutely everything that we do. The Travel Facilitator is the persistent leader to communicate and control all the critical elements in achieving this objective.
Whether a client seeks to ensure their respective travel experience is simply first class, elegant, safe and free from stress, or a complex itinerary with both fixed and flexible curated options, the Travel Facilitator maintains a prepared and adaptable mindset, ready to respond to instruction, feedback and observation to modify the itinerary at any given moment. This may include complete alteration of the plan to correspond with client preference, changes in weather or new alternative options.
Where X2 Travel Facilitators are operating with a group, it is usual practice for X1 to remain with a group during movements, and the 2nd to advance to the next destination, location or venue, to ensure resulting arrival of VIP is arranged as per clients wishes, discreet or more overt as desired, and suited to the specific group and occasion.


Next Level Travel

The Travel Facilitator applies their capability learned from operating in every territory of the world utilising a developed a network of reliable, trusted global and local connections and knowledge. This enables us to curate extraordinary and memorable experiences for our clients.
Within each 24-hour period, The Travel Facilitator operates with a considered and creative mind-set of “Can we improve and enhance this experience or sense of occasion to take it to the next level?” We believe that each travel period should include as many ‘memorable’ moments as can be delivered or is desired.


Travel & Logistics, Practical Assistance

The Travel Facilitator will be working practically ‘on the ground’ from pre departure, throughout the trip, to carefully co-ordinate the movement of all people, animals, luggage and any other cargo, from one destination to the next. This includes management of all transport and motorcades.


Group Leadership, Concierge & Guest Relations

The Travel Facilitators are confident to fluidly coordinate large-scale and complex HNW travel operations. We will diplomatically and politely provide required coordination, direction and movement of multiple persons in variable locations during any trip. This is a sensitive task expected of the Travel Facilitator alongside management of timings related to any scheduled activity, event or meal.
We will provide a dedicated level of concierge to provision items requested by individuals in the group. We are responsive to any feedback, concerns or issues to find positive pragmatic solutions.


Client Care & Entourage Management

We work with absolute discretion to meticulously understand the client and group profile, their prerequisites, personal preferences, every want, wish and desire of every designated VIP member of the travel group. We aim to reduce any potential stress of travel, ensure maximum comfort, safety, and movement as per clients’ profile and personal preferences. The Travel Facilitators will take responsibility for coordination of group and their assets.


Lodgings – Wherever we work, the comfort of the group, ambience, atmosphere and style of operation is a consideration, which we will strive to control as per client’s preference.


Housekeeping – We provide pre-arrival and daily briefings to the respective leader of departments, as well as individual one to one briefing and support in important tasks within any hotel or yacht, presidential suites or master cabin including, unpacking, temperature controls, laundry and security procedures.


Etiquette and Protocols – When working alongside 3rd party persons, we promote a positive, professional environment and ensure that any person interacting with the group, through briefings and supporting documentation, understands that etiquette and protocol must be followed and respected.


Food & Beverage – We develop a Hospitality Management Plan, detailing all food and beverage preferences, dietary requirements, preferred times of service, preferred refreshments, coffee, water brands, snacks and canapés. We encourage continual feedback from the travel group with which we update kitchen team and service staff.


Privacy control in the hotel or household

We designate certain areas as ‘interior’ areas meaning this particular area of ‘personal space’ must be respected and access may be restricted to some members of staff, or even some guests.


Privacy control in public areas

Our Company has exceptional experience in providing travel support to both the world’s most high profile celebrity as well as private individuals and family. We utilise the experiences learned to provide enhanced privacy protection, or clandestine movement even within the busiest or private or public areas.


Photography and video, social media

We are able to deploy a Travel Facilitator with specialist or advanced photography or film making skills as required including, long lenses, underwater and drone capability. Our team will provide ‘quick’ edits to clients who desire immediate content for their social media channels or private sharing.



We are passionate about first class service and creating a luxury environment for our clients to enjoy. Connectivity is rightfully an important requisite for most of client travels and we will endeavour to offer the most current connectivity options that ensure requirements are met and guest expectations are managed with advance information on any areas where connectivity is limited.


Travel Risk Management (Safety, Security & Privacy)

The pre-travel risk assessment involves the collection and analysis of informa­tion about an individual or group and their intended trip, their transport modes, travel itinerary and the territories they may visit. The purpose of the assessment is to identify risks that may arise during or because of the trip and, where pos­sible, advise and implement appropriate control measures.
During pre-travel risk assessments, we will review and consider any potential issues, factors and risks that can affect an individual’s (Principal and Guests) health and safety whilst they are overseas.
These might include an individual’s fitness to travel abroad, their previous travel experience, the length of the trip and specific health risks at the destination. The assessment will search confirmation that appropriate medical services are available to treat any pre-existing conditions, as well as providing an assessment of crime and public transport at their destination.
HNW Luxury Travel is inherently risky because it may place individuals and groups into unfamiliar and / or disadvantaged environments and / or complex situations. The Travel Facilitator will conduct risk assessments of specific high-risk activity to arrive at a risk mitigation strategy.
Identified risks may be managed, reduced or eliminate:


Example of potential risk may include:

  • Standing out from the local population
  • Driving in unfamiliar locations and conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Hygiene and sanitation issues
  • Unfamiliarity with local health risks and medical facilities
  • Guests may not speak the language of the country
  • Over indulgence in food and alcohol
  • Over exertion through participation in physical activity
  • Guests partaking in activity
  • Criminal activity
  • Political activity
  • Weather hazards



  • Provision of SAT Phone and budget authorization from client to activate tracking on SAT phone(s)
  • Provision of First aid kit(s) and Travel Defibrillator
  • Verification of pre-existing medical conditions including sufficient medication is procured for the duration of travel period.
  • Vaccination requirements & advice
  • Provision for enhanced or disabled access
  • Car service vehicles assessed and local drivers briefed on policy and protocols
  • Transportation of valuable items and cash
  • Check house or yacht has adequate safety deposit boxes
  • Additional security in location including residence security team to provide 24hr coverage and access control
  • Traveller tracking, intelligence monitoring & communications

We offer military grade traveller tracking hardware and software solutions for individuals, vehicles, vessels and assets. We are able to set up premium intelligence service(s) to provide client with real time updates on reported local and global risks.


Insurance cover

Prior to travels, we are able to review levels of insurance to ensure sufficient cover exists for all members of the travel group. This may include medical support and evacuation co-ordination, kidnap and ransom insurance. All insurance policy details should be accessible to The Travel Facilitator accompanying the group as well as our operations control room.


Lone Working and Teams

Whilst we do deploy lone working (solo operator) Travel Facilitators to tasks, we advise clients that it is preferred a Min X2 Person Team provides service.


Our global network deploy Travel Facilitators for assignments to support client travel anywhere on the Globe. Our Travel Facilitators are experienced at providing support to private Clients, Family, Royalty CEO, Entertainment Industry, Royalty and Small to medium size enterprise (SME) during their periods of leisure, recreational, professional, corporate.


Contact our London head office to discuss your specific travel requirements.